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Microscopic Septet
Wed, 08/31/11 (1705 days ago)  
From: 07:30 PM To: 09:30 PM  
Location: An die Musik Live

The Microscopic Septet

One of NYC's most legendary, and America's most beloved jazz groups, THE MICROSCOPIC SEPTET, will be making its first ever concert appearance in Baltimore. This will be their only appearance in the Baltimore/Washington area!
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Tickets: $15/$10 students

The Microscopic Septet has recently been affirmed as #5 on the list of the top JAZZ GROUPS in 2011 in DOWNBEAT's 59th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CRITICS POLL. You can find the poll in the August issue of DownBeat Magazine.

The group's current CD, "Friday the 13th: The Micros Play Monk" was released last Fall, and continues to garner rave reviews from the international jazz press as one of the best Thelonious Monk cover albums of all time. However, The Microscopic Septet is most widely known for its theme song to NPR's popular interview show "Fresh Air with Terry Gross;" the catchy, film-noir tune has been broadcast daily on stations across America since 1990, and may well be "the most-aired jazz work in the world" [Audiophile Audition].

In 1974, the Thelonious Monk tune: "Well You Needn't" first brought the future Micros co-leaders together by chance. Phillip Johnston was living in the Bowery in downtown Manhattan at the time, and Joel Forrester, hearing music, barged into his apartment, unannounced: "I was playing a Thelonious Monk tune, and a guy I had never seen before came walking through my door, which wasn't locked - those were the hippie days..." The encounter sparked a friendship and working relationship, in which Monk's music reverberated on multiple levels across the years. Another chance encounter - at chicken and ribs place West Boondock, forged Forrester's friendship with the Baroness Pannonica de Koenigswarter. And through the Baroness, Forrester would ultimately meet and periodically play piano for Monk. Since Johnston and Forrester's first meeting, Monk's music has remained an inspiration and guiding light throughout their music careers.

DownBeat noted that ".these guys should be more famous than they are. Their music is well-written, their playing cooks, and everything they do is accessible."

"Friday the Thirteenth: The Micros Play Monk" is the Micros 4th release on Cuneiform Records, and 8th album. The CD's been getting rave reviews worldwide; in June, London Jazz praised the album as "a joyously celebratory romp through Monk's music, laced with irreverent humour and sly wit, but always utterly in accord with that most elusive article, the spirit of the composer."

The band will be featuring works from their entire book; many Monk tunes to celebrate their latest album, but also many originals.jazz.”

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