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Duc D'Angelos
Thu, 01/31/13 (1190 days ago)  
From: 08:00 PM To: 09:30 PM  
Location: An die Musik Live

Duc D'Angelos
Musical form of sound and silence over time.

The whole of Duc D’Angelos is greater than the sum of its parts; each component may influence other components in a web of incentives, constraints and connections. The slightest change in one part causes tremors everywhere else. Duc D'Angelos is dedicated to the idea of non-linear performance. It is music. It is musical form of sound and silence over time but there is no utilitarianism in their approach. They are not useful. They create for the moment, without premeditation. It is décor. It is graffiti via device.

Tickets: $8

Free music, decor music, electronic improvisation


Cey Jo-Jo: guitar, loops
DyNameks: turntable, drum pad, laptop
SirRoland: guitar synthesizer, filters, theremin
The Voyeuristic Fringe: analog-modular and electro-mechanical

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